Pulp & Paper Industry

Hal Debor dedicated 43 years of his career to the Pulp and Paper industry.  His extremely diversified experience goes from designing and installing woodyard equipment, paper machines, stock preparation systems, greenfield paper machine, machine re-builds and modernization, handling equipment (bulk material, rolls, pallets etc. ) and paper finishing and warehousing facilities.  Harald Debor acquired his well known skills as a result of his involvement in OEM equipment manufacturers for the paper industry and in P&P dedicated consulting engineering firms active in North America and abroad.

Specialized analytical spreadsheet solutions are available for the following:

1.    Pump head calculations for pulp stocks over 1.5% consistency

2.    Cut-size sheeter calculations

3.    Folio sheeter calculations

4.    Roll winders single and double drum types.

5.    Supercalendars

6.    Off-line coaters

7.    Rewinders

8.    Tissue winders

9.    Automatic storage and retrieval systems ( ASRS) paper, in-process rolls for sheeting plants and tissue rolls

10.  Automating guided vehicle systems for paper and tissue roll handling

Consulting services are available to prepare Feasibility Studies include economic analysis for the following paper and tissue process areas:

1.    Chip and hogged fuel handling systems

2.    Market pulp handling and storage

3.    Roll finishing systems

4.    Sheet finishing systems for coated and free sheets paper grades

5.    Warehousing systems for paper rolls of all grades

6.    Parent roll handling & storage systems for tissue converting plants